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Patric McCarthy was reported missing in the mountains of New Hampshire by his father and stepmother in October of 2003. His body was discovered 5 days later on Whaleback Mountain. The New Hampshire medical examiner ruled the death an accident. We, his family, do NOT believe it was an accident. We have written a book which contains all the information gathered by private investigators, from New Hampshire law enforcement and the FBI under the freedom of information act, and from the testimonies of all those with knowledge of the events leading up to this tragedy. But, we need your help to make sure that this book is published, and is read by those with the power to bring the perpetrator(s) out of the dark, and into the light. The sad truth of this world is that corruption, cover ups, ineptitude, and the greedy pursuit of political gain can silence the screams of the innocent. We hope that you will help the world read the truth of Patric’s death.

People I wish to reach or target with this book are parents and grandparents of Murdered Children that are still unsolved. Law enforcement, Attorneys, Judges, criminal investigators, Cold case investigators, T.V. documentry “Cold Justice” Talk shows, both radio and TV.

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US ATTORNEY EMPLOYEE ADMITS CASE SHOULD ... February 4, 2015 | Comments: 1

This is just another example of WHY we continue to fight for the truth to be told. This is a note from a former employee of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Concord NH. It’s obvious that there is a cover up, we just need to publish this book, and perhaps ONE person with enough influence will read it, and set the wheels in motion once and for all. “17 January 2012; I was a former employee of the U.S.... Read more

PATRIC MCCARTHY MURDERED – BOOK RE... December 20, 2014 | Comments: 0

The fundraising effort to help us publish the evidence in Patric McCarthy’s murder case is underway and going slowly, but surely.   If you’d like to help, we’d be grateful.  This is the link to the fundraising page  Please help us publish this book to expose Patric McCarthy’s murderer. We’ve waited many years gathering evidence, paying private investigators, using the freedom of information... Read more

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